A June Morning: 8 Images

While most of my attention is focused on nesting birds prior to the June 11 Detroit Audubon field trip here, Eliza Howell Park is increasingly looking more like summer (that is, more evidence of meadow flowers and of insects).

Here are a few images from my walk in the park in the morning of June 8.

Hackberry Emperor (on the painted footbridge railing).

Ebony Jewelwing (damselfly).

Flowerfly nectaring on Coreopsis.

Early stage Bald-faced Hornet nest. (By September, this 3-inch-long nest will probably be about 15 inches long and 6 inches wide.)

Estern Tiger Swallowtail on red clover.

Yellow Goatsbeard in bloom.

Yellow Goatsbeard in seed.

Twelve-spotted Skimmer (dragonfly).

The weather is not always the best — and is certainly not the only — indication of the transition to summer.

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