Nature in November: Eliza Howell Park 2022

Leonard Weber November 30, 2022

In Detroit, November marks the transition from Fall to Winter. Now, at the end of November, Eliza Howell Park looks and feels like Winter.

Below are a number of photos, all taken during November nature walks in the park this year. Hopefully, they will provide a sense of what can be observed here in November.

1. View from the footbridge

November 1 and November 26

2. The beauty of fallen leaves

Two sides of the same white oak leaf

3. A few fruits / seeds still hanging

Note: in each of the following collages, the identification starts with top left and proceeds clockwise.

Bittersweet Nighshade, Sycamore, Winter Creeper, American Bladdernut

4. Life under woodland rotting logs

Leopard Slug, Yellowjacket queen, Millipede, unidentified slug, Wood Lice

5. Foraging Animals

Wild Turkey, Fox Squirrel, Coyote

6. Mushrooms on logs

(Identification not yet complete)

7. Mammal tracks in first snow

Whitetail Deer, Coyote, Squirrel, Feral Cat

8. Distinctive tree bark

Shagbark Hickory and American Beech
Common Hackberry and Black Cherry

9. Insect Nurseries

Blackberry Knot Gall (wasp) and Praying Mantis Ootheca

10. Tree buds anticipating 2023

American Sycamore, Red Oak, Eastern Cottonwood, Shagbark Hickory

Each month the walks in Eliza Howell Park provide opportunities for different observations and adventures. November has been fascinating.

Now on to December!

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