Twelve Buds at Christmas: Trees in Pause Mode

Leonard Weber

December 20, 2022

During Christmas season walks in Eliza Howell Park, I often stop under leaf-bare deciduous trees and check the tips of branches. I am admiring the growth buds and appreciating the reassurance that the trees, though currently in pause, have a head start on Spring.

As with leaves and bark and fruit, buds vary with species. I recently collected photos of twelve varieties.

Red Maple
Eastern Cottonwood
American Beech
Norway Maple
Yellow-bud Hickory
Shagbark Hickory
Red Oak
Sugar Maple

The buds have grown this much before going dormant. Now they are waiting for the temperature and the sap to rise.

When observing tree buds in Winter, I am reminded that it is natural in this climate to be less active in winter. But… If I pause too much, I fear I will miss out on some of nature’s wonders, which continue throughout the Winter.

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