The Changing Seasons on the Rouge River

Leonard Weber

March 2, 2023

March is here. A few bird species that migrated south for the winter are already returning to Eliza Howell Park, and some perennial plants are showing signs of new growth

These early signs of seasonal change call to mind the full annual cycle.

Below are photos taken from the same spot over twelve months, each taken while standing on the footbridge over the Rouge River and looking upstream.

March 29, 2022
May 8, 2022
May 17, 2022
June 22, 2022
August 24, 2022
October 1, 2022
November 1, 2022
December 1, 2022
December 28, 2022
February 1, 2023

This is my 19th year of studying nature in Eliza Howell Park. These photos of the annual cycle remind me of the many rich experiences that I can expect between now and next March.

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